Hotel Reservations (CRS)

Reservations is a critical element in the Guest journey of the Hotel. Make their booking experience a joy, and the chances that your Guests will book again have increased considerably. Furthermore, if it is complicated and unpleasant with your Hotel Reservations, they are likely to not reserve in future for your company.

⬤ Do you have an accommodation business without a large budget?

⬤ Can you afford to deliver sub-par services to your Guests?

⬤ Do you think there is a scope for improvement or optimisation in the way your in-house team currently manages your Reservations?

You may want to consider outsourcing to Reservations contact centre if you are looking for a way to simplify your Hotel’s Reservations process and improve Guest Service. Outsourcing your Hotel Reservation operations is simple and seamless. It will:

Increase the efficiency of your in-house staff, allowing them to primarily focus on their hospitality for your Guests.

Reduce costs on your business operations by reducing your administration footprint that would otherwise be managed in-house.

Help your business limit overhead expenses by saving on infrastructure and technology.

Benefits of outsourcing your Reservations operations with Pama.

To consistently, methodically, and reliably perform the business-critical task of accepting and processing Hotel Reservations, is the essence of Pama’s Reservations outsourcing service offering. The benefits of outsourcing your Hotel Reservations with Pama will contribute to a simpler and more effective business that is coveted for the excellence of any company in the Hospitality Industry.

Improved Service Quality

When you outsource Reservations process to a professional service provider such as Pama Hospitality Services, you are assured that incoming calls from prospective Guests will not go unanswered. Besides responding to the Guest queries, Pama offers a host of other services, including liaising with your in-house team for room service and maintenance requests. Through exceptional service led by a problem-solving approach, we help convert more calls into Reservations, setting the stage for a superior Guest-Hotel relationship in the days ahead.

Reduced Risk

As a small to medium-sized Hotel operator, you may not have enough resources to hire dedicated Reservations agents and as a result, you may often extend the duties of your in-house staff to take away the valuable time needed for your Guests. Outsourcing Reservations to Pama offers you flexible and scalable support to mitigate the risk of using your staff inefficiently and thus not impacting your business continuity or service levels. Outsourcing offers you flexible and scalable support models that quickly align resources to your project.

Our Agents

To ensure that your Guests’ needs are met with the right product or service, Pama entails Hospitality-based professional services. Apart from becoming acquainted with the complexities of the market, these skilled and experienced Reservations specialists are well versed in the methods of detecting and leveraging up-selling and cross-selling possibilities, without seeming to be pushy. So, you can be rest assured that none of the needs and wishes of your prospects, will go unnoticed. There will not be any loss of opportunity to maximise revenue— a definite win-win from whatever angle you look at it.

Way forward with Pama Reservations.

Our friendly team at Pama is ready to answer any queries you may have and build a personalised Reservations strategy for your business needs. Get in touch with Pama Hospitality Services to have a no obligation discussion with our team about your Reservation services today!