Motel Management

Motel Management plays a critical role in over-all success and profitability of a property and involves many business functions. Running a Motel independently can be incredibly difficult, but it does not have to be!

Is your Motel facing these common challenges?

  • Restricted BudgetWhether it’s marketing, advertising, staffing or software, you cannot invest as much as the bigger Motels due to your limited budget.
  • Lack of ResourcesA narrow budget also affects this; you may not be able to afford enough staff to dedicate employees to specific areas.
  • Inexperience with Online Platforms If you are not taking advantage of social media, TripAdvisor, etc. as online platforms, you’re missing out on taking your Motel to the next level.

  • Small or No Market PresenceBrand recognition is critical in marketing, and chain Motels have a clear advantage in this area.

  • No Corporate Support Unlike Motel chains, you cannot contact the corporate body for expertise and support.

Why outsource your Motel Management?

Successfully managing a Motel requires expert knowledge and industry experience. It can be extremely difficult for one person to be an expert in every field, and expensive to hire multiple staff.

Outsourcing your Motel Management can reduce your business’s overheads, saving money in the long run and adding to your bottom line.

How Pama can help you expertly manage your Motel?

Pama Hospitality Services offers affordable and tailored Motel Management services to independently owned Motels Australia-wide. We revolutionise Motels to deliver greater efficiency, increased profitability and help you to achieve greater levels of Guest satisfaction, on a budget. Pama makes Motel Management simple, thanks to comprehensive service offerings and an expert team.


Choose from our a-la-carte menu of professional services:

  • ● Staffing (Labour Hire)
  • ● Revenue Management
  • ● Reservations (CRS)
  • ● Best Practice Operations
  • ● Marketing & Promotions
  • ● Accounts & Payroll
  • ● TripAdvisor Management

Choose to make things even easier on yourself by entrusting us with the entire day-to-day management of your Motel Operation. We ensure that our offerings and staff are always fully compliant with the relevant industry and government regulations, keeping you (and us) covered.

“Small Hotels don’t need to be stuck with small results, Pama can fill the gaps”

Contact Pama today and let us underpin your business success.

If you’re a Motel Operator looking for experienced, personalised and hands-on operational assistance, look no further.

Get in touch with the team at Pama Hospitality Services today to discuss your options and needs. We will customise a budget-friendly solution to fit your requirements. Click here to contact us today.